Sensor ECS AB’s General Purchasing Conditions


A purchase contract is first met when Sensor ECS AB has confirmed the order through an order confirmation. The confirmation is sent by e-mail. Refusal of an order confirmation shall be submitted to Sensor ECS AB in writing, 10 days at the latest following the receipt of the order confirmation. All products are the property of Sensor ECS AB until full payment has been made.


Sensor Control Nordics prices are in SEK, EUR, USD and CHF for delivery ex works Stockholm, VAT and freight/packaging are not included in the price. In the event of normal price increases from our suppliers and exchange rate fluctuations, we reserve the right to increase our prices without previous notice thereof. No administration fees are charged. For orders smaller than 100 EUR, 150 USD and 150 CHF an extra administration cost of 25 EUR, 40 USD and 40 CHF will be charged.


Payment shall be made against an invoice after usual credit check or against a proforma invoice. Payment terms are 15 days net, from date of invoice. Invoices are sent via e-mail. It is the buyer's obligation to provide e-mail address to which invoice shall be sent. When selecting the paper invoice there will be a surcharge of 5 EUR, 5 USD or 5 CHF per invoice. In the event of delayed payment, interest of 19.7 % per year on arrears as well as a reminder fee for late payment of 50 EUR, 70 USD or 70 CHF will be debited.


Deliveries are ex works Stockholm, excluding freight/packaging, with the transport company of Sensor ECS AB’s choice. If the customer wishes delivery to be made with a freight forwarder with which Sensor ECS AB does not normally have an agreement, an administration cost of 15 EUR, 15 USD or 15 CHF per delivery will be debited, as well as the customer supplying their own account number for the freight forwarder.

Transport damages

Should any of the products be damaged on arrival, the transport company must be contacted immediately. Save the packaging as proof. Following notification of damage, contact Sensor ECS AB for delivery of new goods. The new product is ordered in the customary way in order to ensure as fast a delivery as possible.

Claims covered by the guarantee

The guarantee period is one year from the date of delivery. The guarantee is valid for normal use and not for consumable goods. Damages due to faulty or careless use are not covered by the guarantee. An invoice of purchase must be shown in order for the guarantee to be valid. Sensor ECS AB is not directly or indirectly responsible for damages, extra work or other additional costs in connection with the use of sold products. If a defect is discovered on a product and the guarantee is referred to, then the defect product is sent to Sensor ECS AB, together with a completed notification of return. The form for the notification of return can be obtained from Sensor ECS AB. Return without a complete notification of return or without Sensor ECS AB’s approval will not be accepted. The return is made at the cost and risk of the customer. If the product is covered by the guarantee, it will primarily be repaired for return to the customer. If an exchange unit is desired, it is ordered in the customary fashion in order for the delivery to be made as quickly as possible. If the product shows no defects, a test charge will be debited. Specific conditions concerning warranty and claims valid for Sensor ECS AB's sale of industrial computers and PC monitors. Warranty for these products can be obtained from Sensor ECS AB.

Claims not covered by the guarantee

It the product is not covered by the guarantee, the defect product is sent to Sensor ECS AB together with a completed notification of return. The return is made at the cost and risk of the customer. If Sensor ECS AB finds that the defect product can be repaired, the customer will be informed of the cost for repairs before any repairs are made.

Return rights

A buyer wishing to return a product must always attain the approval of Sensor ECS AB prior to return. The product must be returned with a completed notification of return and in undamaged, original packaging. The return is made at the cost and risk of the customer.

Order cancellation

Cancellation of orders is only accepted following the approval of Sensor ECS AB. Following the approval of cancellation, Sensor ECS AB has the right to debit the customer a cancelation cost of 25-50 % of the total order value.


Sensor ECS AB’s general conditions apply primarily in addition to those conditions of IML 2009 accepted in 2008 by the Swedish Association of Suppliers of Instrumentation, Measurement and Components, members of the Swedish Trade Federation, will apply.